DIY Friday: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition!

November 22, 2013 DIY Friday, Geek Girl Life 0

This weekend is a special one, folks. If you haven’t heard by now, this Saturday is the 50th anniversary of a much beloved sci-fi TV show, Doctor Who. I’m extremely excited for this, as are so many people out there who enjoy watching a 1000+ year old Time Lord and his myriad of companions travel through space and time. So, in honor of this special weekend, here are a few Doctor Who themed DIY’s that I found particularly interesting:


1. DIY Doctor Who Fez: Paul Mason the DIY Guy. This video takes you step-by-step through making your very own fez as worn briefly by the 11th Doctor, because fezzes are cool.

2. DIY Doctor Who TARDIS. This Pinterest post lists 10 easy steps to build your very own TARDIS.

10 step TARDIS

3. Official BBC Enterprises Knitting Pattern For The Doctor Who Scarf, as worn by the 4th Doctor. If you know how to knit and you’ve always wanted to make this scarf, then this post will help.

4. Amy Pond’s Red Scarf, as seen in the episode Vampires of Venice. It’s not the official BBC pattern, but it’s as close to it as the creator of this particular pattern could get. I think it’s lovely and can’t wait to make this, myself.

close-up of the pattern

I hope everyone has a wonderful Doctor Who-filled weekend and if anyone has their own Doctor Who related DIY’s they want to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!