TDF Weekly Update 7.13.16

July 13, 2016 Books, Conventions, Cool Stuff, Geek Girl Life, Music, Podcasts, Reading, TV, Watching, You Should Love 0

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Reading: Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. I’ve seen the movie and the run that Gillian Anderson starred in (which was just as fantastic as it sounds, I hope there’s a DVD coming out soon). We never covered this in any of my English classes, so I thought it was a good fit for the Read Harder play requirement.

Listening to: The new season of My Dad Wrote a Porno (with special guest appearance by Elijah Wood for one episode). Also some Fleetwood Mac, which I’ve been calling “Divorce Tambourine” thanks to this tweet from Janine Brito:


Watching: Not much aside from GBBO. I may have gotten my mom hooked on it as well. I am hoping to see Ghostbusters this weekend.

Working on: Putting together some stuff for the GGB Cincinnati’s August brunch. This time around we’re doing a DC theme. Here’s what happened at our kick-off event in June. 

Reading: The Heir by Grace Burrowes. I’ve had it on my shelf for months and I’m finally in the mood for a historical romance again.

Listening to: A Disney music station on Google Play. I’ve been in that kind of mood lately too.

Watching: The Walking Dead on Netflix. Although, I stopped yesterday because I didn’t feel like watching Beth die. Her death made no sense and was completely pointless, and OOC, and added nothing to the story whatsoever. I’m still a little bitter.

Working on: Seeing what I need to do to get alt certification to be a teacher. It seems both complicated and simple at the same time. And extremely nerve-wracking with my brain trying to give me all kinds of what-ifs and reasons to not try.

Before_the_AwakeningReading: You know, I actually can’t decide what to read next. I may try to speed through Star Wars: Before the Awakening this week, and then I might move on to Angelfall by Susan Ee. But I haven’t decided yet.

Listening to: Chris Isaak. I go on occasional Chris Isaak kicks. This is one of them.

Watching: Mr Fangirl and I have been rewatching Psych on Netflix. I love all the terrible 80s references and jokes.

Working on: Packing up for our yearly trip to San Diego Comic Con! This one ought to be interesting, at the least, with me being seven months pregnant. But I’ve got a lot of packing and device syncing and stuff to do. Keep an eye on my Instagram during SDCC for pics of neat stuff and cosplayers.


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