Supernatural Saturdays – Season 5 Recap

September 18, 2010 Reviews, TV 1

Another long one, sorry folks. This is the last recap because next Friday is the Season Six premiere!

Kripke has written Sam/Dean - Mind. Blown.

Lucifer is free from hell, what are a couple boys from Kansas to do?

Sam and Dean are mysteriously whisked away to safety just as Lucifer escapes his cage and are able to later find Chuck, who tells them that Castiel was destroyed by an archangel. Just then, Zachariah and a couple friends arrive to tell Dean that he has to be the one to fight Lucifer – who is on the lookout for his new vessel. In typical Dean fashion, he tells Zachariah just where he can stick it and sends him packing with an angel-banishing sigil drawn in his own blood. Later at their motel room, Dean asks Sam if he’s been feeling any of the old demon blood cravings – which he claims are completely gone after the encounter at the convent. Sam tries to talk to Dean about what happened, but he refuses and insists that they just focus on hunting down Lucifer.

Chuck enlists the help of Becky Rosen, a fangirl and creator of (fourth wall? What fourth wall?), to relay a cryptic message to Dean and Sam about “the Michael sword” and where to find it. Eventually Dean makes the connection while doing some research with Sam and Bobby – the Michael sword is in John’s storage facility in New York. A possessed Bobby attacks Dean and a woman arrives – Meg in her new host, insisting that he kill Dean. Instead, Bobby is able to regain control of his body and stabs himself, killing the demon who had taken him. Sam and Dean rush him to the hospital and go to John’s lockup where they find Zachariah waiting for them. He reveals that they had misled Chuck into bringing Dean to him because Dean is, in fact, the Michael sword – Michael’s vessel. To get him to agree, Zachariah tortures Sam, then Dean and even offers to heal Bobby, but Dean refuses. Castiel appears, dispatching Zachariah’s helpers and orders him to leave. With a touch of his hand, he engraves Enochian sigils onto Sam’s and Dean’s ribcages to shield them from any and all angels and demons, including Lucifer.

Castiel's handiwork

Nick (Lost‘s Mark Pellegrino) is visited again by Lucifer in the guise of his dead wife, Sarah, who convinces him that if he agrees to be Lucifer’s vessel, he can get revenge for his murdered wife and infant son. Lucifer-as-Sarah appeals to him by saying how he was cast out of Heaven for loving God too much and that God truly can’t care or is a sadist for letting Nick’s family die like they did. Nick agrees.

Castiel takes Dean’s amulet because it can help him locate God, who is no longer in Heaven. After the encounter with War, Sam decides to go on a break from hunting because he isn’t sure that he can trust himself either and the boys go their separate ways. He gets a job at a bar while Dean continues to hunt whatever he can find. Castiel asks him to help locate the archangel Raphael because no angel will harm Michael’s vessel. Because Castiel doesn’t think he will survive the trap they’re going to set for Raphael, Dean takes him to a brothel to get him laid good and proper… it doesn’t go exactly as planned. Lucifer reveals his plans for Sam to him through a dream – Sam is his true vessel. Some time after this, Sam calls Dean to reunite with him but Dean insists that their weakness for each other only hurts them as a team and they’re better off apart.

Dean awakens in a post-Apocalyptic 2014 where the demonic Croatoan virus has taken over and very few humans remain. Zachariah informs him that he was the one behind this and that Dean has three days to take in what his dissent will cause. He’s found by his future self – a much harder and darker Dean, who lets him in on what’s been happening and that during an altercation in Detroit, Sam didn’t make it. They set out on a mission where Dean ends up seeing Lucifer-as-Sam kill his future self. Lucifer insists that there is no one but Sam who could be his vessel and that no matter what Dean does, say yes or not say yes and everything in between, that they always will end up in that place. When Dean wakes up back in 2009, he still refuses to be Michael’s vessel when Zachariah asks. Before Zachariah can teach him any more lessons to browbeat him into agreeing, Castiel zaps him out of the room. Dean calls Sam and meets with him the next day because they need each other and they can create their own future, not the one the angels and demons have planned.

Two Deans are always better than one.

While investigating the death of a man by the Incredible Hulk, they deduce that the real cause behind this is their old friend The Trickster. However, they don’t realize that they’ve walked into one of his traps until they find themselves playing roles in a series of TV shows, such as Dr. Sexy, MD (Dean’s guilty pleasure). The point of the whole exercise is that Sam and Dean have to play their roles in the drama that Heaven and Hell have concocted for them and after being trapped in a circle of Holy Oil, he reveals that he is actually the archangel Gabriel. He tells Sam and Dean that they’re destined to be Lucifer’s and Michael’s vessels; their relationship mirrors that of their would-be hosts and that all Gabriel wants is the fighting between his heavenly father and brothers to stop once and for all.

By the end of the little adventure with some LARPing fanboys inside of a real haunted hotel, Becky lets the boys in on a fact about a demon by the name of Crowley who is in possession of the Colt. With Castiel’s and Jo’s help the boys are able to locate Crowley. To their surprise, Crowley hands over the Colt because he wants Lucifer dead. He believes that Lucifer will turn on the demons. While trying to find Lucifer, the group is attacked by hellhounds and Jo is critically wounded. She decides to act as bait so the boys can continue their mission; Ellen stays with her and both die in the trap they set for the Hellhounds. The boys find Lucifer preparing to raise another horseman – Death. Dean shoots him with the Colt, which Lucifer recovers from almost instantly. There are only five things which the Colt cannot kill and Lucifer is one of them.

Anna is sent back to 1978 to kill Mary and John Winchester, ensuring that Sam is never born. Knowing of her plans, Castiel and the boys also head back to 1978, though the trip has a few negative effects on Castiel because he has been cut off from Heaven and losing his mojo, so to speak. John is lured away by Anna pretending to be his boss on the phone and they soon put two and two together, getting there just in time to keep John from being killed. Using the banishing sigil, they buy themselves some time to regroup and prepare to kill Anna. Dean attempts to get Mary to leave John so they can avoid this whole mess altogether, but she confides in him that she’s already pregnant – with him.

Young Mary and John

With the help of younger version of Uriel’s vessel and during the fight, Sam is badly wounded. To help save his wife, John allows Michael to possess him and subsequently kills Anna and sends Uriel away. He reveals to Dean that the family line goes all the way back to Cain and Abel and there isn’t anything they can do to change their fates. Before he leaves John, Michael heals Sam and sends both of them back to the present. He also is sure to wipe John’s and Mary’s minds of the recent events so that the boys can be born.

After a run in with another Horseman, Famine this time, Sam falls back into his old habits and feeds from a couple demons so he can exorcise Famine. When this doesn’t work, he exorcises the demons that Famine has eaten, thus killing the Horseman. Dean and Bobby put Sam back into the panic room to detox again. We see Dean’s desperation at its peak in this episode and it is utterly heartbreaking. They deal with more signs of the coming Apocalypse in “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” when Bobby’s hometown is overrun by zombies.

A couple of hunters break into Sam and Dean’s hotel room and kill them to prevent the Apocalypse from happening. Dean finds himself reliving the memory of one 4th of July when Sam was still a kid and life wasn’t quite so messed up. With Castiel’s guidance, Dean learns that he and Sam are in Heaven and together they set out to find Joshua who can communicate with God. Along this journey, they relive more past memories and run into Ash, who had died in the Roadhouse fire a few seasons back. He explains to Dean and Sam that everyone has their own Heaven and that he has figured out a way to move between the various Heavens and brings in Pamela who tries to convince Dean to agree to Michael because Heaven is so much better than anything on Earth. Ash tells them the shortcut to Joshua and his garden before they leave.

Joshua intervenes when Zachariah catches up with the boys and summons them to speak with him. He informs them that God is aware of all that’s been going on, that God was the one who put them on the plane when Lucifer rose and that God was the one who brought Castiel back. Likewise, that Dean’s amulet won’t work to find him anymore and he has washed his hands of the Apocalypse. Sam attempts to tell Dean that they can still win this, but Dean walks away, leaving his amulet in the trash.

Dean revisits his former fling, Lisa after the events of “99 Problems” and confides in her that if things were different, his ideal life would be with her and her son; he doesn’t stay despite her insistence. Unable to stop Dean from leaving on his own, Sam gets Castiel to zap Dean to the panic room in Bobby’s house. Castiel doesn’t stay long, flitting away after receiving a vision and appears in a wooded area where he pulls the body of Adam – the boys’ half brother (who had been resurrected by the angels) from the ground and takes him to Bobby’s house. Because Adam is of the same bloodline as Dean, and we saw in “The Song Remains the Same” that John was able to host Michael, the angels are now looking at him for the new Michael sword. Adam agrees to help them, but makes it very clear he doesn’t consider John or the boys his family.


When Sam and Castiel inform Dean that Adam is Heaven’s new favorite for Michael’s vessel, he says that he can’t let anyone else be hurt and that he’ll do it instead; he tells Sam that he knows that Sam will say yes to Lucifer eventually and that he has to be there to stop him. Later, Dean tricks Castiel into coming into the panic room only to use the banishing sigil on him and sneaks away. Meanwhile, Adam is visited by Zachariah in a dream who tells him that he can’t trust Sam and Dean and that he has to wait if he wants to see his mother again. After locating Dean through another person, and getting up in his face about the crap he’s been pulling, Castiel tells Dean that Adam has vanished from the house. When Adam confronts Zachariah after learning that he’s only being used as bait for Dean, Zachariah makes him cough up blood.

Castiel holds off a bunch of angels while Sam and Dean go in to save Adam. Dean finds him on the floor and Adam tells him that it’s all a trap just as Zachariah reappears and attacks Sam. Dean has a choice to make – either he accepts Michael or his brothers die. Zachariah begins to summon Michael and Dean says that he has a few stipulations before he’ll go through with the deal and kills Zachariah. He’s able to get Adam up before going to help Sam, but just as he and Sam are on the other side of the door, it shuts behind them trapping Adam inside. They agree to take their fate into their own hands after this.

Sadly, Gabriel meets his demise at the hands of Lucifer in “Hammer of the Gods” and we’re introduced to the final Horseman – Pestilence. Crowley rejoins the boys after having planted a special charm inside the car that allowed him to track their movements. They locate man at Niveus Pharmaceuticals named Brady who is a demon in communication with Pestilence about releasing the Crotoan virus and bring him to an abandoned home to work him over for answers. Brady was a friend of Sam’s from Stanford and had been possessed in their sophomore year on Yellow Eyes’ orders to keep Sam on the right path and was also the one responsible for Jess’ death. When Crowley’s appeal to Brady to join him fails, he leaves to think up a new plan and returns with the news that he’s spread the word around that he and Brady are “lovers in league against Satan” thus putting Brady on Lucifer’s hit list. After escaping a Hellhound which found them with Crowley’s coin, Brady reveals the whereabouts of Pestilence and Sam kills him with Ruby’s knife.

They track Pestilence to a nursing home where he has spread disease throughout it, they’re able to take his ring (the source of his and all other Horsemen’s powers) before he disappears, though he warns them that it’s too late. Through a deal with Crowley, Bobby is given information about where to find Death – Chicago. Crowley also lets them in on how Niveus is planning to unleash the Croatoan virus. He gives Dean Death’s Scythe in order to kill him once they reach him in Chicago and says that he will give Bobby back the use of his legs.


Sam has a plan for trapping Lucifer – allow him to take over his body to force him back into his cage. This requires Sam to drink more demon blood than he has ever consumed so that his body can withstand Lucifer. When they last ran into him, Lucifer’s vessel was looking worse for wear due to the stress of hosting such a powerful being. Bobby, Castiel and Sam take care of the situation at the Niveus warehouse. Meanwhile, Dean and Crowley go to Chicago to find Death – who is eating alone in a restaurant. Dean approaches from behind with the Scythe, which Death takes from him and invites him to sit down. As they talk, Death reveals that he is only working for Lucifer because of a spell that ties them together and gives Dean his ring in order to put Lucifer back where belongs and shows Dean how to use them to do so.

Along with Castiel and Bobby, they follow omens to Detroit – where Lucifer has set up shop. Sam tells Dean that if the plan works, he won’t come back from Hell and makes him promise not to try to bring him back and to find Lisa so Dean can have his own chance at a normal life. Once in Detroit, they share their goodbyes with Castiel and Bobby before Sam starts ingesting the demon blood. He confronts Lucifer, who tells him that he knows about their plan to trap him with the Horsemen’s rings and Sam agrees to let him take possession of his body. Dean tries to use the rings to trap Lucifer, which only backfires and he takes full control of Sam, as well as the rings and disappears.

Chuck... who might be more than just a prophet

The Apocalypse in full swing, Dean receives news from Chuck that they have to go to a cemetery in Lawrence where the confrontation between Michael and Lucifer is set to take place. At the cemetery, Michael and Lucifer talk; Michael insists that he is only following orders in killing Lucifer and that Lucifer trying to blame this all on God is just a way of shifting blame to someone other than himself. Dean arrives, blaring “Rock of Ages”, and tries to get through to Sam because he knows he’s still alive in his body. Lucifer kills Castiel and Bobby after Castiel dispatches Michael, then moves onto Dean, who takes the beating all for the love of his brother because he can’t leave him. Just as Lucifer-as-Sam is about to strike him again, he catches sight of something in the car – a little toy soldier that Sam and Dean had managed to cram inside an ashtray as kids and it triggers every memory of Sam’s life with Dean, giving Sam enough time to regain control of his body. Sam reassures Dean that everything will be alright and takes the Horsemen’s rings and reopens Lucifer’s cage.

Michael reappears, trying to convince Lucifer to finish what they started, but is pulled into the pit along with him. A badly beaten Dean mourns the loss of his brother and Castiel reappears, saying that God is the one who healed him and returned his powers, and heals Dean and Bobby. He states that he will return to Heaven to help with the chaos left in Michael’s absence.

In the end, Dean makes good on the promise he made to Sam and returns to Lisa’s home. She welcomes him back and invites him inside. Standing beneath a blown out street light, watching Dean sitting down to dinner with Lisa and Ben is Sam.

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