Have You Heard? Halloween Edition

October 8, 2015 Features, Geek Girl Life, Podcasts 0

October is finally here and with it comes the desire for spoooooooookyyyy stories. I’ve spent the past week or so searching out new shows that are creepy, unnerving, and sometimes, even true. You may recognize a few of the names already, as they’ve been mentioned on previous posts or on our Pinterest board. As always, older episodes may not appear on the iOS podcasts app, and not everyone uses iTunes to subscribe to podcasts, so I’ve included a direct link to the podcast episode. Subscribe and share with your friends this Halloween season.

Bizarre States
Co-hosts Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser share weekly true stories of strange and scary happenings around the world. Some episodes include special guests who have worked on horror movies, television, written books, or who have personal experience with the paranormal. Each episode features a couple of listener-submitted stories as well.

76b1b16359217c09732b0ea6ce2b5003The Black Tapes
A friend recently turned me onto this docudrama series centered around a skeptical researcher’s collection of VHS tapes and the strange events surrounding his work and personal life. The series is due to wrap up its first season in the upcoming weeks, but I have a feeling that it’s far from over.

If you’ve been enjoying The Black Tapes already and are looking for another docudrama series to start, Limetown is great. This brand new podcast is only a few episodes in and follows a woman’s investigation into the disappearance of an entire planned community in Tennessee 10 years earlier.

Wanting something creepy and true? Check out Lore, a bi-weekly podcast about the roots of supernatural legends, horrifying events from history, and more.

The NoSleep Podcast5acb12839f0458e0a2b7ba8fe210b5b8
Based on the Reddit forum of the same title, The NoSleep Podcast presents original short horror stories by its members. Hyperbole and a Half readers will want to check out her short, “Cologne” in episode 7. If you prefer to read along, each episode description provides links to the original story post.

Real Ghost Stories Online
Fans of shows like Paranormal Witness and My Ghost Story will enjoy this listener story-based nightly (yes, nightly) show by husband and wife team, Tony and Jenny Brueski. Each episode features a number of stories of people’s personal encounters with specters and demons.