Review: Fellside by M. R. Carey

March 29, 2016 Books, Reading, Reviews 0 ★★★★½

Review: Fellside by M. R. CareyFellside by M. R. Carey
The unmissable and highly anticipated new literary thriller from the author of the international phenomenon The Girl With All the Gifts.

Fellside is a maximum security prison on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors. It's not the kind of place you'd want to end up. But it's where Jess Moulson could be spending the rest of her life.

It's a place where even the walls whisper.

And one voice belongs to a little boy with a message for Jess.

Will she listen?
Published by Orbit on April 5th 2016
Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 496
Format: eARC
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I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

First things first: I love everything I’ve read so far by M.R. Carey, starting with his run on the X-Men comics all the way through The Girl With All The Gifts. I especially adore his Felix Castor series, and it’s still one of my favorite urban fantasy series. So I might be a little bit biased in liking his work.

But Fellside is a great book, whether or not you’re a fan of Carey’s previous body of work. It’s a bit of a genre-bender, straddling the line between a thriller mystery and a paranormal ghost story, and it took me a while to pin it down. Carey skillfully weaves together multiples points of view to tell a gripping story.

It’s difficult to sum up the plot of this story without taking away from the structure of it. I really enjoyed finding out what the hell is going on alongside the protagonist, Jess, and the other characters, so I’m actually not going to summarize the story. It deals with death and desire for atonement and navigating the immensely dangerous paths through life in a prison, and despite the necessary bleakness of the subject matter, I found the plot to be really enthralling. There are plenty of plot twists, some I saw coming and others that surprised me, and it makes for a satisfying mystery to unravel in the end.

I’m also a big fan of Carey’s prose. His descriptions and metaphors are very lovely, even when he’s describing very ugly things. This is part of why I enjoy his fiction so much; he has a really compelling writing style, and even when Fellside got bleak to the point where I considered taking a break to read something a little more fluffy, I found myself sucked back in by his graceful prose.

I’ve seen some reviews calling this Orange is the New Black with ghosts, and… meh. I’ve never watched the series, so I can’t say if Fellside is similar to it or not, other than the surface detail of it taking place mostly in a women’s prison. Honestly, though, I loathe comparisons like that and find that they’re mostly unfair. So maybe this is vaguely similar to OITNB and maybe it’s not (I’m leaning toward not, considering the great supernatural twist that Carey applies to the women’s prison story). I really like it, and I’d recommend it highly if you’re looking for an engrossing mystery.