TDF Weekly Update 7.27.16

July 27, 2016 Books, Geek Girl Life, Instagram Challenges, Music, Reading, TV, Watching 0

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383910Reading: The Ghostbusters novelization because even after four showings in one week (yes, four), I can’t seem to get enough. It’s just so great and well, you can read why I think so here. There’s are some big changes from the early drafts of the script this is based on vs. the final version; specifically Abby and Erin being older in the movie itself, and around my age in the novelization. Still kinda fun to read and see what they tweaked as far as lines go (especially Holtzmann’s introduction which is a thousand times funnier in the movie, as are most of her scenes compared to the novel version).

Listening to: Mostly just podcasts. I haven’t come across anything new, however.

Watching: I think the only thing I’m really keeping up with is GBBO. Nothing else seems to be on. Also trying to see Ghostbusters again. I think I’ve seen this in theaters more than any other movie. I want to give it all my money.

Working on: All of the reading and Instagram challenges. I’ve put my present for Fangirl Jr. on hold for a little bit while I get caught up. I might also be writing Holtzmann fanfic.

Reading: Angelfall by Susan Ee. I found this one while fighting insomnia one night, and I’m hoping I’ll dig it.

Listening to: Odesza’s In Return album. It’s deliciously mellow. 

Watching: Still waiting to see Ghostbusters. We’ve been busy with San Diego Comic Con and other stuff while in California, so I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. It’s killing me. Otherwise, we’ve been watching GBBO, too, and Amanda and I often exchange texts like “These vol-au-vents are stressing me the hell out.” Baking!

Working on: Putting together the August TDF Instagram Challenge with Amanda, and I’m working on a super cute cross stitch for Fangirl Jr’s nursery. 


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