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Jun 09
Newsflash: Girls DO read comics!  Holy crap!

Newsflash: Girls DO read comics! Holy crap!

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“Comics court girls inspired by Japanese manga.” While I think it’s great that comic companies are finally starting to acknowledge that girls, in fact, to read comics, I’m not sure they’re going about directing their marketing at females in the right way. First of all, they’re focusing on teenage girls… Read more »


May 16


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Anyone on goodreads? It’s spiffy; you add books to be read, books you’re reading, etc, and can review and discuss them with friends. Here’s my profile. Add me, or point me toward your profile and I’ll add you. :)


May 14


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Ah, the inaugural post. You know, the one where the blogger has no fracking clue what to say, other than, “HERE I AM OMG.” So… here I am. omg. I’m TDF. I’m a fan, I’m of the female persuasion, and I’m discriminating. So… that would make me The Discriminating Fangirl…. Read more »