End-of-the-Week Link Soup

November 14, 2008 Sundries, TV 2

This is the height of absurdity. The mayor of Batman, Turkey, is claiming he’s suing Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties because they used the name of his city without permission. Sue Bob Kane while you’re at it, too. Jeez, how ridiculous.

Enter to win a year of free groceries, plus a year of food donated to your local food bank!

Archaeologists discover a 4,300 year old pyramid tomb at Saqqara. I’ve been an archaeology fan since I was a kid, and an Egyptology nerd for ages, and this find is SO exciting. Also, I love Zahi Hawass and his Indiana Jones hat. :D

Two teams of astronomers capture first visual images of extrasolar planets. National Geographic has another image of a multi-planet system. Pretty soon, we’ll get images of that big satellite array orbiting Vega.

And in more nerd news, there’s some kind of weird aurora around the south pole of Saturn. It surrounds that strange hexagonal storm. I’m convinced there are aliens lurking beneath the clouds, and they’re doing this stuff just to mess with human astronomers. ;)

Kimber An at Young Adult Science Fiction blogs about Sanctuary, SciFi’s new original series starring Amanda Tapping with dark hair and an English accent. Both of which serve to make me shake my head and go, “Bwuh? Is that Major Carter?” I’d like to watch this, but I don’t have SciFi (or TV at all, ack!) and haven’t had time to check it out online. Has anyone else watched?

And… I’d better wrap this up because someone is working on the side of my house, and I have no idea who it is. o_O Would be nice if the landlord let us know about these things beforehand!