Best of 2011: Video Games

January 13, 2012 Gaming, Video Games 0

Marron Marvel is taking the helm with this one, mainly because I didn’t play any new and noteworthy video games in 2011. I’m watching my husband play Uncharted 3; does that count?

Take it away, Marron!

Best Game of EVER AND ALL TIME 2011 – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Raining down on me from the heavens above, with a thunderous call from the sky a voice spoke to me: Dovahkiin. From the moment I found out that I was the Dragonborn — and still to this very day — I have been protecting the Nordic lands of Skyrim from dragons, stopping marauders and bandits, battling the undead, and also dragon shouting bears off of mountains. Because that’s how I roll. A game rich in content, filled with hours of fun, flexibility in developing your character, and a fantastic story, no other game came close to providing the quality (despite several bugs, including backwards flying dragons) of gaming that Skyrim gave us in 2011.