Have You Heard? Weekly Podcast Roundup (4.9.15)

April 9, 2015 Geek Girl Life, Podcasts 0

(Source: cartoon-admirer.deviantart.com)

(Source: cartoon-admirer.deviantart.com)

Last Week
Nerdist – Kristen Schaal
Comedian and actress, Kristen Schaal talks with Chris about doing bits on talk shows, her new show Last Man on Earth and going on tour with the Bob’s Burgers cast, and how she lost her front teeth.

How Did This Get Made – Lake Placid (Live)
Paul F. Tompkins and Nate Corddry join the show to dig into the 1999 horror movie and all of the terrible line reading, performances, and most importantly, how to say “Reese’s Pieces”. (It’s “piecies,” it’s always “piecies”).

Jordan, Jesse, Go!Night Flutes
Chris Fairbanks chats with Jordan and Jesse about Jordan’s week off and the time that Chris gave the Staind drummer a ride home.

The Smartest Man in the WorldFrames
Greg talks movies, World War II, reproductive rights, and eulogizes Sarah Brady and Cynthia Lennon.

Girl on GuyDavid Benioff
Game of Thrones co-creator and writer, David Benioff sits down with Aisha to talk about their formative years, how he managed to adapt the massive fantasy series to screen, and how to deal with rejection.

Party Cowboy: A Closer Look at the Life of Garth Brooks (Based On Zero Research and Only On the Opinions of Two Women)
In this special, one-off show, April Richardson (Go Bayside) and her best friend, Millie De Chirico are Garth Brooks fans from way back and talk about how he might be the most punk rock country star and why Chris Gaines was a terrible mess of an idea.

NerdistTom Lennon Returns
Tom Lennon comes back for his third Nerdist appearance to talk about pretending to be Regis, the inception of Reno 911, and his new show, a modern adaptation of The Odd Couple.

The Dork ForestJoe Zimmerman Helps Himself
Comedian Joe Zimmerman discusses his love of self-help books and navel gazing.

Hadacol - fun for all ages! (Source: mardecortesbaja.com)

Hadacol – fun for all ages! (Source: mardecortesbaja.com)

SawbonesHeroes of Patent Medicine: Volume 1
Sydnee and Justin kick off the first part of their patent medicine series at a live show in Minneapolis. They cover some of the best (read as: craziest) patent medicine purveyors of yesteryear and how one even had a Hank Williams song dedicated to it.

NerdistBilly Crystal & Josh Gad
The Comedians stars sit down with Chris and Jonah to chat about the new show, comedic influences, and the loss of Robin Williams.

Bizarre StatesLIVE on Periscope!
Jessica performs the show’s first AMA ever and fields listener questions about the paranormal and weird.