Have You Heard? Weekly Podcast Roundup (3.26.15)

March 26, 2015 Geek Girl Life, Link Roundup, Podcasts 0

As a way to keep this feature weekly, and not having to rely on my “best of” lists, I’ve decided to keep a record of new podcasts episodes released each week. These are shows that I currently follow, however, I may not be able to listen to each and every one by the time I post this. I will be sure to include any new discoveries when I come across them.

Sorry, Jaws. (Source: howdidthisgetblogged.tumblr.com)

Sorry, Jaws. (Source: howdidthisgetblogged.tumblr.com)

Last Week
How Did This Get Made? – Deep Blue Sea (Live)
Evan Goldberg and Paul F. Tompkins guest star to talk about the 1999 shark… uh, thriller, I suppose… Deep Blue Sea.

The Dana Gould HourAmerican Griper!
Arden Myrin, Mike Lawrence, Kevin Macdonald, Eddie Pepitone, and John Ennis join Dana to talk about the news, Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies, and more.

The NerdistJoe Lynch
Director Joe Lynch talks about his career, which began with a job as a porn editor, and his time with the guys at G4.

Jordan, Jesse GO!Punk Rock Brunch with Nick Adams
Nick Adams joins the show to discuss Schwarzenegger movies, rockabilly ladies with confetti eggs, and a bunch of punk kids who are really into orange juice.

The Smartest Man in the WorldOracles
Recorded live at the Nerdmelt Showroom, Greg Proops talks Terry Pratchett, Tower of Power, and Tears for Fears.

The Dork Forest Brian Kiley
Comedian and Conan writer, Brian Kiley shares his love of presidential biographies with Jackie.

Girl on GuyJessalyn Gilsig
Actress Jessalyn Gilsig (Vikings) talks with Aisha about vacationing in Ireland, communication, and how she abused an answering machine that had it coming.

Spoiler alert: It's all in the kid's imagination (Source: EW)

Spoiler alert: It’s all in the kid’s imagination (Source: EW)

The NerdistThe Amazing Randi
Magician and escape artist, James Randi, joins Chris and Jonah on the show to talk about performing tricks, his documentary An Honest Liar, and Johnny Carson.

SawbonesMedical TV (Part 1)
Sydnee and Justin discuss the early days of medical dramas on American TV, leading up to ER, and the St. Elsewhere twist theory that proves nothing on TV really happened.

Bizarre StatesSerial Killers
Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser talk The Jinx, Jeffrey Dahmer, and read a few listener stories, including one about a haunted house that used to be a hospital.