Review: Brother by Ania Ahlborn

October 2, 2015 Reviews 0

Ever get to the end of a book and think… the hell did I just read?

That was me at the end of Brother. And not in a bad “the hell did I just read?” way, but more in a way that’s got me questioning whether this particular style of horror novel is for me.

Brother is an excellently written book, and Ahlborn is a master of getting inside the heads of characters, even the ones whose heads you don’t particularly want to look into. She made Michael, the lonely, screwed up protagonist, a deeply sympathetic character even as he participates in absolutely horrible things. She’s also excellent at setting scenes; I had no trouble falling right into the story and visualizing everything (everything, especially the really unpleasant stuff) perfectly.

The end has a masterful twist that left me even more horrified than I already was, and while I suspected part of the twist, the last piece blindsided me.

Brother is an excellent piece of psychological horror, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you will love this book. Me? I found myself getting panicky at one point while reading. Not sure it’s the book for me, but it’s well-written and disturbing as hell.

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