Man Candy Monday: Oscar Isaac

April 18, 2016 Features, Geek Girl Life, Man Candy 1

By now you’ve all probably seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and developed a massive crush on X-wing pilot, Poe Dameron. My introduction to him was in The Bourne Legacy where he sported a boyfriend sweater before meeting an untimely demise. On top of being a damn good actor and nice to look at, the man can sing, play guitar and dance (oh trust me, there will be dancing in this post).


He has a a lovely smile.


The man can pull off intense and brooding, too.


And he makes one helluva pilot.


…who can also dance

While his character in Ex Machina was decidedly not as swoon-worthy as Poe (actually, he was a pretty huge dick), he still managed to show off his skills on the dance floor.

(You’re welcome.)

Did I mention he’s musically inclined as well?


He’s just so dreamy.

Update: I probably should have waited until after I watched In Secret to make this post because, yeah:

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Source: trelkez