TDF Weekly Update 4.20.16

April 20, 2016 Features, Geek Girl Life 0

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? The Discriminating Fangirl Weekly Update will keep you all informed about what we’re into this week. You can always follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter, or personal social media accounts for more.

9781408825952Reading: About to finish Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death and then probably move onto my middle grade novel requirement, Alex Gino’s George. As always, you can see my progress with links to purchase the items on my Dueling Reading Challenge pinboard.

Listening to: MØ’s No Mythologies to Follow. 

Watching: Pretty much every Oscar Isaac movie I can get my hands on through work. The last one I watched was In Secret and, while I didn’t really like it overall, I was there for all of the period costumes and sex (both in and out of them). *fans self*

Working on: Still working on a crochet project and also writing fic for the first time in months. I’ve been in a serious writing slump for a while and I seem to have finally broken it.

Sailor_Moon_Crystal_Poster_ArtReading: A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet. It’s an ARC and the book is set to be published on August 2nd. I’ll be reviewing it once I’m done. 

Listening to: I don’t really have any music I’m listening to right now. Yet again, I’m mostly just listening to Critical Role and various other Youtube vids while I work.

Watching: I’m finally making my way through Sailor Moon Crystal season 2. I’m definitely enjoying the fast pace of the story much better than I did when I first started the series. It’s nice when they don’t linger over certain bad guys for ages and end up just destroying one per episode.

Working on: Nothing at the moment. Unless you count thinking about getting in shape before my brother’s wedding this fall, but not actually getting anything started.

Reading: I’ve fallen into a bit of a reading rut this week. The book I started reading to review just isn’t holding my interest, so I’m waffling a bit. I’ve got a book about Mount St Helens up on my Kindle, but it’s not thrilling me at the moment, either. Might be time to go for something entirely new.

Listening to:

Watching: Still watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And I’m also playing Skyrim, just five years late, no big deal. I’m fighting the urge to play Dragon Age: Inquisition again, though.

Working on: Making some jewelry (I’d like to do some Star Wars inspired pieces) and thinking about Star Wars cross stitch. ALL STAR WARS, ALL THE TIME.

Keep an eye out for next week’s post. Let us know what you’re up to this week in the comments below.