Man Candy: Supernatural

August 11, 2010 Man Candy 1

Thinking back, I probably should have posted this as a precursor to my Supernatural Saturdays posts, but man candy is man candy no matter when you post it ;D Two of the characters are more recent additions, both appearing for the first time in Season Four and you’ll learn more about them when I post that recap in a couple weeks. If you read my post this past Saturday, you already know who Sam, Dean and John Winchester are and have seen a couple shots of them from the show, so here they are outside of their roles. Click to embiggen!

Jensen Ackles, better known as Dean, is just ridiculously pretty. I had the luck to meet him and most of the cast in Chicago last year and I can assure you, he is even more beautiful in person. In “Tall Tales”, a young woman hitting on Dean says that looking at him is “like staring into the sun” and it really is; I forgot my own name and had to remind myself to breathe after he smiled at me at the autograph table. When I was a kid, I had a picture of him on my wall, I think it was from his time on Days of Our Lives and when I started watching Supernatural I instantly recognized his name. Fate, I tell you, fate. His most recent work outside of Supernatural was voicing the villain in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Fellow Texan Jared Padalecki plays Sam and looks damn good doing it too. He’s a lot like a giant five year old or a puppy – all energy and a total goof, which makes fangirls and boys love him all the more. His on set pranks are pretty much infamous at this point in fandom. If you’re a fan of the Friday the 13th films, you may recognize Jared from the 2009 remake. I’ll admit, I only saw it for him and I could have kissed their costume designer for the tight jeans and shirt they put him in. It almost made up for that godawful movie – at least, made it watchable ;) I’ve recently been rewatching Gilmore Girls because of this fandom (Jared starred as Dean, kinda funny, no?) and it is such a shock to see him so gangly and young after watching five seasons of drool-worthy Sam Winchester, but he’s still very adorable.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AKA, “Sir”) played Sam and Dean’s father, John on the show. Um… yeah, need I say more? That is one sexy gentleman. Watchmen fans will recognize him as The Comedian and you can catch him in The Losers, which was an unexpectedly awesome and fun movie.

In Season Four, we get a flashback to a much younger John Winchester, played by Matt Cohen. He did a fantastic job and is just very pretty to look at.

Oh, Misha Collins. He is probably the most popular addition to the cast (playing the angel, Castiel). His pretty blue eyes and incredibly sharp wit have won us over and he always has the funniest panels at the Supernatural conventions. It seems Jared may have met his match with Misha when it comes to pulling pranks on set. You can follow him on Twitter and be a part of the crazy fun @mishacollins. Like Jared and Jensen, I was able to meet Misha and get a picture with him (and Jim Beaver) at ChiCon. Anyone who enjoys a SyFy Original Movie may recognize Misha from this summer’s Stonehenge Apocalypse (“It was a robot head!”).

Although Aldis Hodge was only in two episodes (“All Hell Breaks Loose” parts 1 & 2), he still is popular among the fans and attends conventions. During his panel at last year’s ChiCon, he scored some serious brownie points with his girlfriend by calling her while on stage and had everyone say “hi”. He was really funny and played with the more nervous fans who came up to ask him questions, just to help them relax. Aldis is currently playing the hacker, Alec Hardison on TNT’s <em>Leverage</em>.

Below you can see both my photo ops with the boys and Misha and Jim. The shot with Jared and Jensen was taken on my birthday of all days, and yes, SPN fans, Jared is very firm. Beside me in both shots is the girl who got me into this show in the first place.