TDF Weekly Update 4.6.16

April 6, 2016 Features, Gaming, Geek Girl Life, Movies, Podcasts, TV, Video Games, Watching 0

Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? The Discriminating Fangirl Weekly Update will keep you all informed about what we’re into this week and what we’re looking forward to in the weeks to come. You can always follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter, or personal social media accounts for more.

Reading: The Iron King – Julie Kagawa 

Listening to: The “Horror Obscura” episode of Monster Party. New podcasts I subscribed to this week: The Jackie and Laurie Show and Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Watching: Picked up Death Comes to Pemberley from work because I found out James Norton is in it and I have a slight problem.

Waiting for: Just applied to be an officer for a local branch of Geek Girl Brunch, but I’m still waiting to be introduced to the other officer (so far, it’s just us) and start planning an event. I went to a GGB in Portland with Pamela last year and it was a lot of fun. The nearest one to me prior to this was three hours away, which isn’t really doable for a brunch.

Reading: Pretty much still working on the Cut & Run series.

Listening to: Nothing at the moment.

Watching: Catching up on the latest Grimm episodes.

Waiting for: Sunday when my next D&D session starts.  

The Immortals cover imageReading: I’m currently reading The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky, and it’s an interesting urban fantasy so far. I’ve read others with gods come to earth, but I like that this one’s focusing on Artemis and that the other main character is an academic. Woo nerds!

Listening to: I’ve had the Dragon Age: Inquisition soundtrack on as background music lately.

Watching: Season 5 of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix! I’m so happy that season is finally available.

Waiting for: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. I love the first three games (though I’ve only watched Mr Fangirl play them; I suck at third person shooters), so I’m dying to get my hands on the last chapter in Nate Drake’s story.


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